What can I catch during Sports fishing charters in Sydney?

Pelagic Species

Sports charters target pelagic species. Pelagic fish species predominantly spend their lives swimming in mid to top water of the open ocean.

Here’s a list of what to expect to catch on these charters.

Yellow Tail Kingfish

“Kingfish or “Kingies” are a popular target in Sydney and are regarded as an excellent table fish. These species are considered extremely strong and are sought after by anglers for a tough fight. Best time to target this species is winter months.
Legal size is 65cm, although many are caught over 75cm. ”

Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish)

“Dolphin fish, also referred as dollies is a very fast growing species. With bright colours of green and gold, great size and taste to match; these fish are very popular amongst sport and game anglers.

Offshore structures are the best bet to target with FADs working well. Bring the school of fish on the bite and you’ll be well rewarded. Their legal size is 60cm.”

Mako Shark

Mako sharks are known to be the fastest shark species in the world making them popular chase for game and sport fisherman. Super fast speed and a fight to match, Hooking ’em means , hooked on the adrenalin.

No size limit , however only 5 in possession for boat**


“Bonnies” or Bonito are mostly caught on the trawl. They’re decent tasting and an oil rich flavour. There’s no size limit with a bag limit of 10 per person”