What can I catch during Reef fishing charters in Sydney?

Reef species are those fish that are found near the reefs and  sandy bottoms. Offshore Reef and deep sea fishing charters around Sydney are abound with a variety of fish species listed below:


Snapper are amongst the popular target species in Sydney and are regarded as an excellent table fish. Winter months are the best time to target this species however they’re caught throughout the year. Minimum legal size is 30cm although many are caught over the 1kg mark

Flathead (BlueSpotted)

Blue spot flathead are abundant amongst sandy grounds and, in contrast to the Dusky flathead, inhabit deeper waters. Sweet taste means this species are a great reward for your hard angling efforts. Their legal size is 33cm.

Grey Morwong/Rubber Lip

Commonly referred to as rubber lip, Morwong is a delight to catch over reefs as they put up a good fight. It is a good eating fish with light flavours. Minimum legal size is 30cm with catches averaging over 40cm.

Flathead (Tiger & Marble)

As with all Flathead species, Tiger and Marble both congregate on sandy grounds and are found in deeper waters. The Tiger flathead have sharp teeth hence giving them the name of a ‘Tiger”

Marble flathead in contrast have dark bands and also offer a sweet taste. Their legal size is 33cm

Pearl Perch

A “Pearly” or Pearl Perch are found in small schools in deeper offshore reefs and are more of a rarity in Sydney fishing grounds. Without exception it is regarded as one of the best tasting fish in the ocean! Legal size of 30cm means a much greater chance of catching a keeper.

Mulloway (Jewish) and Teraglin (Trag)

Mulloway are the larger cousins of the Teraglin. Although similar to the Mulloway, Teraglin differ with a smaller overall size, yellow mouth and concaved tail. Great fighting fish with taste to match.


Mulloway have a size limit of 70cm (2 per person max) and Teraglin having a legal size of 38cm. almost all caught are above legal size.


A truly unique species with leather like skin. There are over 20 different species to catch including SixSpine and Chinaman. Most common species is the Chinaman leatherjacket which swim in large schools so when you catch one you’re bound to catch a few more (just be prepared to lose some fishing gear as they have razor sharp teeth). There’s no size limit for these species however offshore species can grow to 3kg.

Red Rock Cod (Eastern Red Scorpion Fish)

Appearances are nothing to go by with the rock cod as its white flesh tastes great. Be careful as they have 12 venomous spines on the dorsal fin. It has no size limit however you’d rather keep the larger ones to make it a decent serving. Max size approximately 45cm.

Trevallies (Trevally)

With great tasting flesh, the Silver trevally is one you’ll love to have fresh on the dinner plate. Soft lips make it tricky to catch so don’t pull too hard!! Their legal size is 30cm.

Red Gurnard

A beautiful looking species with a vibrant orange body and spectacular green colouration on its pectoral fins. Gurnard’s make a distinct grunting noise which is quite noticeable when handling the fish. Great tasting species with no legal size limit.

Squid, Calamari, Cuttlefish

Squid and Calamari both have 8 arms and 2 tentacles around the mouth however the squid have small tail fins while Calamari has fins that extend the full length of the tube. There’s no size limit with a combined total of 20 per person

Cuttlefish is the “big daddy” with a massive tube and averaging 2kg plus.