What is included in my Charter?


  • Experienced and friendly crew
  • Professional fishing gear: overhead rod & reel combos
  • Premium quality bait
  • Fishing licence for the duration of the charter
  • Guidance on reef fishing techniques and assistance – from handy tips to untangles
  • Up to 4 hours of fishing time – we’ll search the seas for your perfect catch
  • You catch you keep, For best results, all fish are cleaned and kept in salt water for you to take home
  • LED Lighting throughout, great for night fishing
  • Unlimited Bottled water
  • Large esky for drinks only (BYO ice)
  • Marine Grade BBQ
  • Overhead Canopy for weather protection
  • Spacious deck and Full boat-length seating
  • Toilet on Board


  • Experienced and friendly crew
  • Large esky with ice
  • 4 hours of cruising the sights of Sydney
  • Unlimited Bottled water
  • Marine grade BBQ facilities
  • Cooking Oil and sauces provided free of charge!! (Plastic plates, cups, cutlery included with catering)
  • Boat ladder for swimming
  • Few Spare towels
  • Few light throws, for cooler months
  • Assorted swimming toys
  • Assorted Card Games
  • Premium sound system!! Connectivity via headphone jack, USB & Bluetooth.
  • LED Lighting throughout the vessel
  • Overhead Canopy for weather protection
  • Full boat-length seating
  • Spacious deck space with ample walking space around whole boat
  • Toilet on Board

**Please note** : All deep sea fishing equipment and Harbour Cruise equipment /accessories are provided for your experience, although  loss or damage to any property, will incur an immediate charge, payable to Deep Sea Fishing Charters Pty Ltd.

What should I bring?


  • Ensure that you are wearing covered flat shoes, comfortable and warm clothing and a water resistant jacket. Bring any wet weather gear that you require.
  • If you want to bring your own fishing rod, feel free to do so (as long as it doesn’t affect other patrons’ experience).
  • Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap! Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunnies.
  • We advise you to buy sea sickness tablets from your local pharmacy and consume as directed, prior to boarding the vessel.
  • Bring a small esky with ice to take fish home.
  • BYO Food. BBQ facility available. Food is essential

**Please note**(Catering options available for exclusive charters only , food included for FULL DAY exclusive charters only)

  • BYO drinks but cans only ( no glass bottles)
  • BYO ice for all fishing charters


  • Comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Water resistant jacket /warm clothing is recommended as its always cooler in the  harbour
  • Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap! Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunnies.
  • Towels , and change of clothes for swimming
  • Good Music essential for party
  • Food is mandatory!! BYO food (BBQ facilities) available OR let us cater for you

**Please note** Catering options available or alternatively book a harbour cruise with food included.

  • BYO drinks but cans only (no glass bottles)

**Please note** : All deep sea fishing equipment and Harbour Cruise equipment /accessories are provided for your experience, although  loss or damage to any property, will incur an immediate charge, payable to Deep Sea Fishing Charters Pty Ltd.

How long is my charter?


From departure to arrival you charter is 6 hours long, with up to 4 hours fishing time.

Rose bay wharf :  morning session

departure 6: 30 am  to 12:30pm

Afternoon session departure

12:35 pm to 6:30pm

For other wharfs- timings may vary.

Note : not applicable to full day fishing( 8 hours)


Harbour cruises are 4 hours in total.

We cruise around the harbour, seeing the iconic landmarks of Sydney including: Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Fort Dennison, Mrs Macquarie Chair, and more. The charter route can be customised to what you want!

Note : duration not applicable to New Year’s Eve and other special event cruises

Where are my pick up locations?

Individual Bookings : Rosebay wharf only

Exclusive Bookings: Rose Bay wharf, and other wharf locations

We recommend Rose Bay for maximum fishing time and minimal travelling time.

Please note the above wharf is free of charge , whilst other may incur a fee, ( not included in charter price)

PARKING – please go to wharf locations

How do I book?

There are various ways to make a booking –

Once we have received the booking, we will contact you via phone /email to confirm all the charter details, and you can pay via various payment options mentioned below to secure your booking.

Payment Options


  1. CREDIT CARD – Reservation only (no charge)
    details for via phone and the pay cash on the day .
  2. BANK TRANSFER – Full Amount
    Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
    NAME: Deep Sea Fishing Charters PL
    BSB : 062 401
    ACC: 102 769 83
    Please note : put your name and fishing next to it , and send us a photo of the receipt
    Example: “Tom Smith Fishing”
  3. CREDIT CARD – Full amount
    This payment is taken via phone
    ( incurs 3% surcharge )


All Exclusive Hire require a Deposit or Full Payment  for confirmation of charter

  1. DEPOSIT via bank transfer with credit card details for reservation only.
    Remainder amount paid in cash on the day
    MV Susannah :$300
    Mystery Bay :$500
    Please note : put your name and fishing or cruise next to it , and send us a photo of the receipt
    Example: “Tom Smith Cruise”
  2. BANK TRANSFER – Full Amount
    Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
    NAME: Deep Sea Fishing Charters PLBSB : 062 401
    ACC: 102 769 83
  3. BANK TRANSFER – Full amount
  4. CREDIT CARD – Full amount
    This payment is taken via phone
    ( incurs 3% surcharge )
How do I know my Booking is Confirmed?

Booking is deemed confirmed once you have paid in full and /or deposit and or/ reserved via credit card details, AND

RECEIVED a confirmation text and/ or email from deep blue charters regarding your booking. Your booking message will have the word “CONFIRMED” in it.

If unsure please email us on info@deepbluecharters.com.au, or call us on 0403085672.


If I make a Booking - am I guaranteed to go out on a charter?

99.9% it means you are guaranteed to go out, but occasionally few factors can lead to rescheduling of a charter.

 WEATHER: Passenger safety is utmost important, so if weather is deemed bad or unsafe, charters will be rescheduled.

 MINIMUM NUMBERS: To cover the most basic expenses, (inclusive, but by no means limited to), skipper, deckhand, fishing equipment, fuel, we need minimum amount of funds. Therefore we need minimum number of people to cover those basic costs for running.

MV Susannah : 10 ppl

Mystery Bay : 15 ppl

We aim to inform you about these situations ASAP, but we only find the above details, closer to the date. We need to see the last weather report the day before charter, and wait for the last day for bookings as many people call last minute. Refer to terms and conditions

NOTE: minimum numbers is NOT applicable to EXCLUSIVE HIRE / HARBOUR CRUISES.

Does the charter go ahead if its raining?


Mild to moderate showers. The charters will go ahead as fish are already wet. Thunderstorms deem the charter unsafe so we’ll have to reschedule to the next available date. The best indicators of a charter proceeding are wind and swell as these impact fishing conditions.


There is a canopy to protect from mild showers, and the charters will proceed.

In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms, charters will be rescheduled.

What happens if my charter gets cancelled?

If due to above reasons, a charter is cancelled, we aim to reschedule to the earliest convenient date for you.

How far do we go out for fishing?


We target Sydney’s top reef fishing grounds up to 5 nautical miles offshore, in depth between 30-100m. Offshore reef fishing grounds are abound with Snapper, Morwong, Flathead, Pearl Perch and many more fish species.


We troll to Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) Artificial Reef, Long Reef and various other locations. You can use live bait and jigging to chase: Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish), Yellowtail KingFish and other pelagic species

Am I guaranteed to catch fish?

Fishing is the experience we offer, and fish is your prize. A prize has to be won, and 99.9% times everyone’s a winner. We have the latest fish finder devices and above all our staff have years of experience of the best fishing spots, But we can’t guarantee fish.

Do I keep my catch?

You catch it, you keep it (legal size limits apply). All fish are gutted and cleaned for you to take home at the end of the charter. We can’t cook or fillet due to DPI NSW Fisheries legal restrictions.

Will I get Sea Sick during Deep Sea Fishing

Everyone is different, and motion of the ocean can cause sea sickness, especially if you aren’t used to deep sea conditions. We recommend you take sea sickness medication as per instructions.


  • Get plenty of rest
  • If possible, resist the urge to have a “big night” the night before the charter …i.e alcohol

If in doubt – have motion sickness medication

Can I go back if I feel Sick?

Unfortunately, we cannot take you back as other paid passengers still need to enjoy and finish their trip. You will be provided with water and a place to rest. You will only be brought back to shore for medical emergencies.

My First Time Fishing

Fishing is an experience for everyone and there’s plenty of novice fisherman in every charter. You will be assisted by our experienced skipper and deckhand so feel free to ask for any help.

What is my Cheapest Option?


As fishing fanatics we believe Everyday is a good day for fishing.

WEEKENDS – great for individual and exclusive hire.

WEEKDAYS – cheapest day for exclusive hire and individuals. (individual bookings much better in summer for weekdays ) Contact us for weekday exclusive, individual and small group specials.


Exclusive hire of the vessel is the cheapest option as you hire the whole boat and maximise the number of people on it. Contact us for details

MV Susannah $1400 max 16 ppl ( $87.50 pp)

Mystery Bay $2000 max 28 ppl ($71.42 pp)

RRP for individual tickets is $150 pp

Get hooked to great fishing on a cheap price !


Any day , any time is good for cruising and partying in Sydney harbour

Experience the sights and Seas of Sydney at an affordable price

WEEKENDS – exclusive hire

MV Susannah – $1400 up to  25 ppl , ($56 pp)

Food included- $1600 up to 25 ppl , ($64 pp )

Mystery Bay- $1800 up to 48 ppl , ($37.50pp)

Food included – $2300 up to 48 ppl (47.91pp)

WEEKDAYS – for weekday specials or corporate events please call us on 0403085672

We offer one of the cheapest deals in Sydney !

Is Full day Fishing Better than Half Day Fishing?

Full day charter is 8 hours fishing time, sports and reef fishing combined, food, soft drinks and water is included. You have much more time to go a lot further out and to variety of fishing grounds.

So double fishing time, double the experience, twice the chances of catching more variety of fish with a full belly.  A DEFINITE WINNER MATE!

What is the Cancellation Policy?

For all cancellation and rescheduling policies , please refer to Terms and Conditions

Advertising with Deep Blue Charters?

With prime location is Sydney Harbour, you can advertise your business with us. Whether we are cruising or moored, our boat can be the billboard you need. Call us now on 0403085672.

Mid-week specials – Call us on 0403085672  or email us on info@deepbluecharters.com.au for a hot deal